Lough Neagh Sailing Club is a fun, safe sailing environment for all ages and abilities.

Taster Sessions

Try Sailing taster sessions are a starting point for those looking to get a feel for sailing.

Youth Sailing

The Youth Sailing programme is an opportunity for all to ‘learn to sail’ in a fun, safe environment.

Dinghy Sailing

Dinghy sailing sessions provide opportunities for those wishing to develop their sailing skills.

Cruiser Sailing

Cruiser sailing is ideal for those looking to crew, compete or just cruise in good company.

2019 Regatta - Cats Cradle

LNSC 2019 Regatta and Cats Cradle
Friday Dinghy Sailing

Friday PM Dinghy Sailing

Friday evening dinghy sailing starts Friday 19th July for…

Too long in lockdown not exercising? Key exercises for dinghy sailing fitness. youtu.be/qJoZA2esnuk ...

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Noticed this post on Ballyholme's FB page - Applies to every person returning to boating #staysafe

SEVEN “C”S FOR SEA SAFETY Following our earlier post about yesterday's rescue of a 13-year old boy, we thought it might be useful to re-publish our Seven "C"s for sea safety. At the RNLI, our aim is to help make your time on the water more enjoyable – and safe. The last thing we want to do is discourage people from getting out and having fun on the water. ...
Paddle boarding, kayaking and small dinghy sailing are great fun, and are an inexpensive way to get on the water – but the safety rules are just as important as they are for bigger boats and craft.
- Before you set off let someone know your plans
- Have some means of getting in touch if things go wrong
- Being on the water is great fun. Why not arrange to go with friends?
- Even better, join a club, where you can get advice, training, and there will be rescue boats
- Before you set off make sure you are aware on the wind and the tide
- Check the local weather forecast – in coastal areas conditions can change quickly
- Avoid areas with rip currents
- Are you wearing the right gear – wet suit, buoyancy aid, boots and gloves?
- Remember it will be much colder on the water than ashore
- If you end up in the water, it will be colder still
- Is your board/kayak/dinghy in good order?
- I know we all think we are invincible, but be honest with yourself – are you able to do what you want to do?
- If not, don’t worry – training will be available near you.
- If the worst happens, and you get into difficulty, stay calm and try to conserve your energy
- Wherever possible, stay with your board/kayak/dinghy – this will provide buoyancy and make you easier to spot
- Do whatever you can to attract attention. If you can do it, the international distress signal is to hold both arms out to the side, and flap them up and down.
- If you see someone who you think might be in danger, don't assume someone else is doing something about it
- If you are not sure, make the call – we would rather attend and not be needed, than needed and not attend
- Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard – let them decide what to do based on the information you give them
- In coastal waters, don’t ask for the police. They will only pass on your call to the Coastguard and this can waste vital minutes See More

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Ocean racing can be anything you choose to make it! If you get the chance, take it!

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Great to see some club boats on the water today.👍😀⛵️ A great day to get back on the water safely, sticking to guidelines for sailing. Considerate and Conservative. 🌈#ryani #loughneaghsailingclub ...

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Lough Neagh Sailing Club 'Return to Sailing' Guidelines

In order to permit the controlled and safe return to sailing, LNSC are implementing guidelines and procedures to facilitate the safe and gradual return to sailing. We would ask that ALL members planning to visit the club, read these guidelines carefully before considering their decision to sail. *Please note safety boat cover will not be available for these initial stages.

View the current advice and policy online:

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