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Volunteering is the lifeblood of making things happen at Lough Neagh Sailing Club. It is a commitment of time and energy, for the benefit of society, the community, the environment and the club. It is undertaken freely and without concern for financial gain.

Volunteering can give you the opportunity to try something new, gain experience, develop skills, improve your career prospects, build confidence and meet new people.

Through volunteering you can:

Take on a challenge – Getting involved in something new can be a real challenge. Volunteering can help you achieve personal goals, develop new skills and practice your talents. Sometimes a volunteer experience can lead you to something you never even thought about or help you to discover a hobby or interest you were unaware of.

Be part of your community – volunteering can help build stronger communities, get involved in your community and feel part of something outside your family or circle of friends.

Meet new people – Getting involved as a volunteer will allow you to meet lots of different kinds of people and make new friends.

Sense of Wellbeing – Research demonstrates that volunteering can lead to better health.

Personal Development – If you are thinking about career development, about getting a job or returning to work, the experience you gain as a volunteer can be useful.

Have fun – Volunteering is an excellent leisure activity. Most volunteers get great enjoyment from what they do – that’s why they keep on doing it. Finding new interests and hobbies can be fun, relaxing and energising.

Volunteering is a two-way process – As a volunteer, you will have your own motivations and reasons for getting involved. A good volunteer-involving organisation will ask you about your motivations and try to meet your needs as well as their own.

Finding a volunteering opportunity.

Lough Neagh Sailing Club has opportunities for all ages and abilities. We have many opportunities large and small that will be a great benefit to both parties.

Register your interest below and let us know you are interested in volunteering.
We will be glad to hear from you. A member of our committee will be in touch to provide more information.

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