Dinghy Series

Dinghy Winter Series 2021

Lough Neagh Sailing Club
Dinghy Winter Series 2021 – Notice of Race

Commencing Saturday, 6th November, 2021
Briefing 13.30hrs
First Gun 14.00hrs

Enter Online (£20):

Organising Authority: Lough Neagh Sailing Club is the organising authority.

Rules: Racing shall take place under the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, prescriptions of the RYA, LNSC Sailing Instructions and the appropriate class rules. Additional sailing instructions relevant to this event are included in this Notice of Race.

Conditions of entry: The Dinghy Autumn Series is an Open Dinghy event with online entry required. https://buy.stripe.com/aEU8zhgEL5VzfpS00b

Entry Fees for series: £20
Entry fees will contribute to the running and maintenance of the Club Safety Boat.

Schedule of Races: The series will consist of 6 scheduled race days with two short races per day subject to OOD.

Sat 6th November (2 Races)
Sat 13th November (2 Races)
Sat 20th November (2 Races)
Sat 27th November (2 Races)
Sat 4th December (2 Races)
Sat 11th December (2 Races)

Divisions & Fleets: The regatta is open to all boats of PY Dinghy Classes with racing held under one class. If numbers permit separate results will be created for Topper, Laser etc.

Handicaps: Handicaps will be calculated using PY standard handicaps.

Social: A prize-giving will be held after the final race on Saturday 11th December.

Race Area: Racing shall take place in the area decided on the day by the OOD. Typically this will be in the outer bay.

Courses: Courses will be determined on the day by the OOD at the briefing. The courses to be sailed will utilise inflatable Orange marks but may include the use of Club permanent sailing marks. The start line shall be between the Club safety boat and an inflatable yellow training mark.

Courses will be either Windward/Leeward or Triangular. Courses will be identified at the briefing.

Starting sequence will be as follows. (5,4,1,0). The second race will commence as soon as possible after completion of the first race.

Time Limits: Time limits for individual races are 45 mins.

Discards: Discards will be applied as follows.
1-8 races = 2 discards
9-12 races = 4 discards

In the event of a tie, the Racing Rules of sailing (A8 Series Ties) will apply.

Arbitration: An Arbitration System will be available for this event and competitors are recommended to resolve disputes using this method.

Safety Cover: We may have to introduce a rota for safety cover in the absence of regular safety crew. Those providing safety cover will receive average points of races run so as not to be disadvantaged.



Lough Neagh Sailing Club (LNSC) encourages all club members to get afloat together whether it be in their own dinghies or through use of club owned boats at organised sessions. We have a wide range of sailing experience from absolute beginner to experienced. Safety cover is provided but all sailors sail at their own risk. We organise these sessions for sailors to meet, learn, and go sailing with like-minded people.

By submitting an application for Club membership or participation in an Organised sailing session through registration:
the applicant is deemed to have guaranteed to the Club that any boat owned by the applicant shall be constantly covered by an appropriate insurance policy and in particular to hold insurance against third party claims in the sum of at least £3 million
certify that any details given are correct

By taking part in any LNSC Sailing organised event I agree to the following:
I certify that any details given are correct.
I agree to be bound by The Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this event including any Notice of Race, Sailing instructions, Club constitution or any such rules, and that my boat will conform to their requirements.
I undertake to sail in compliance with the RYA Racing Charter.


A boat’s helm is entirely responsible for the safety of the boat, whether afloat or ashore, and nothing, whether in the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility. It is for the helm to decide whether the boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which it will find itself. By launching or going to sail, the helm confirms that the boat is fit for those conditions and its crew is competent to sail and compete in them.

LNSC as the organising authority, shall always endeavour to plan and run safe organised sessions. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the session, racing and the event, and include the organising authority, the race committee, committee boat(s), the race officers and others. Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the boat nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or injury as a result of the boat taking part in an organised session.

Club boats may be sailed by sailors with minimal experience and lack of knowledge of racing rules and as such pose a higher risk to potential accidents on the water. Privately owned boats should take this into account and take such actions to prevent potential accidents occurring. Members with privately owned boats participating in organised events that include ‘beginner/improver’ sailors do so, accepting that it carries this increased risk.

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Get into Watersports with ‘Get Wet NI’

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Saturday PM Dinghy Sailing

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Return to Sport Update 20th April

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Return to Sport Update 15th April

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Return to Boating Update – 1st April

Return to Boating Update – Summary

Updated: 1st April 2021

These Guidelines have been produced from Guidance produced by RYA Northern Ireland and in accordance with the NI Executive Pathway to Recovery and SportNI Pathway out of Restrictions guidance. The decision to go boating lies with the individual and it is essential you are familiar with the full and current regulations.

Guidance is based on the Pathway presented in the ‘Covid 19 Framework for a return to boating activity in Northern Ireland’.

Below is our summary Guidelines for members;

From 1st April;

  • The Club is permitted to operate with limited activity as outlined. Outdoor facilities may reopen.
  • Kinnego Marina including Jetty and slipway access is permitted to facilitate limited activity as outlined. This includes boat upkeep and maintenance.
  • Where social distancing of 2 metres can be maintained, two households (up to a maximum of 10 individuals) can be in the same boat. This may exclude certain boats where this is not possible.
  • Group gatherings of 2 boats are permitted as long as they are restricted to two households and social distancing is adhered to.
  • No group gatherings greater than two households are permitted. Club racing or organised social sailing is not permitted however individual boats may sail within guidelines.
  • Activity should be undertaken above deck with no mixing of households below deck unless in an emergency.
  • No dinghy group sailing permitted. Guidelines on group sailing in smaller crafts and dinghies (and with mixed crew where social distancing is not possible) are still to be advised.
  • Staying overnight on a boat is not permitted.
  • Sailing is permitted on individual multi-handed craft, above deck, from 2 households when social distancing is possible.
  • Club Racing is not permitted.
  • Safety cover should not be expected.
  • The Club House remains closed – with the exception of the use of toilet facilities.
  • Indoor facilities must remain closed, with limited exceptions, until further notice.
  • Vaccination is NOT considered a mitigating factor. Mitigations are focused on methods to minimise the risk of transfer of infection – masks, distancing, hand sanitation, limiting face to face, etc.

If we are challenged by the public when participating in boating activity as long as we are operating within these published guidelines refer them to the available guidance maintained on the club website.

From 12th April;

  • Racing is still not permitted.
  • Changing rooms remain closed.
  • The clubhouse remains closed.

In addition to the guidance offered above;

  • Organised training is permitted for up to 15 participants per group (including coaches/ safety) at any one time, irrespective of age. Any 2 groups cannot mix and must be kept apart with control measures ashore to ensure this. There should be social distancing by individuals/ household group within the group of 15.
  • Additional guidelines are available for working parties, committee meetings etc. but due to the limitations (10 from 2 households) LNSC deems these to be not permitted at the moment.
  • Safety cover permitted when mitigated.
  • The Club will further advise on any training opportunities made available on an individual course basis.

Reference documents:

FAQs On Return to Boating

RYANI Return to Boating Framework Step 2 Guidance March 2021 – 1st April

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Return to Sailing Update 16th March

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Family Return to Water 22 Aug

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2019 Regatta – Cats Cradle

LNSC Regatta

Saturday 24th August
3 Races First Gun 12.55

Briefing in clubhouse @ 12.00

Barbeque afterward in Clubhouse all members and family welcome
Please see attached NOR for additional info 


Cats Cradle

25th August – First Gun 12.55

After discussions with BBC and ABC we plan to hold the Cats Cradle on Sunday 25th August. This year the Cats cradle race will be from LNSC to BBC who have agreed to host a BBQ afterward.

Find attached NOR for Cats Cradle as well.

It would be appreciated if all boats could attend, if you cannot sail please come along afterward and enjoy the Barbeque and also help out to make this a successful social event.

The Committee.

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Friday Dinghy Sailing

Friday PM Dinghy Sailing

Friday Dinghy Sailing

Friday evening dinghy sailing starts Friday 19th July for 7 weeks. The safety boat will be on the water and all experienced Topper, Laser and dinghy sailors are encouraged to take part. Emphasis will be on sailing skills development and sessions will include a scheduled race. A briefing will be provided on the evening prior to sailing.

This forms part of our programme to encourage younger sailors to progress their skills.

Briefing 6.30pm every Friday.

Session Dates:
19th Jul
26th Jul
2nd Aug
9th Aug
16th Aug
23rd Aug
30th Aug


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